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So I have gotten this image emailed, texted, and have been tagged in…

so I thought the best thing I could do was pass on the goodness. I wrote this song in the throws of having 3 kids under the age of 3 and this being one of the favorite shows… he really is the worst and I think this song does a witty and thorough job of describing the insanity that is children’s programming.

caillou live.m4a

You’re welcome,




Prudence Catherine,

You are 7! I am definitely your biggest fan and love the girl you are growing into. You are kind and tenderhearted and care for your siblings and friends in your own unique way. You are so confident and so sure of yourself and it is one of my favorite qualities about you. You shaved part of your head this year which is just so you! You super dig “shopkins” right now and are quite the boob-tuber. Continue to own it girl and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. I love you with all of my heart and pray that I can continue to be the right kind of mom for you.

Happy Birthday Love,



so since i make my birthday list i am not one to get too crazy with resolutions. i did have 30 days of meditation on that list though, and decided January would be the perfect month. turns out meditating isn’t easy. should be an interesting 21 more days. i also some how opted in for another whole30. yikes! 3 other gals from my girls group were gonna do it so i decided to join in the NOT fun. honestly i don’t know what i was thinking but here we are 5 days in with 25 to go. January will be a month of counting down i imagine. my sis and i have also started “pre paving”. she bought us these beautiful desire map planners from Danielle Laporte and we have been touching base in the mornings to set our goals and intentions for the day. So lets do this thing January. im excited to see if i am able to meet my January goals and finish whole30 so i can eat a cheeseburger and french fries.


well my bestie rachel threw an epic party “silver and gold classy AF” it was superb! there was amazing food, so much dancing and a lot of my favorite people. it also happened to be one of my designated drinking days…started off the day at breakfast with Alison and Mike…morning drinking is kind of my favorite. then i worked, and then after work shenanigans with Josh, Bryon, & Holly. before we knew it we were at the Kurtz castle shaking our tail feathers and taking all the pictures in front of her sparkle photo booth wall. 2015 was incredible! we bought a house, i have held down the gig at Surly for a year now, and have been gigging regularly with maybe Nebraska, all the kids are getting older and independent and magnificent, AND, Josh and I celebrated 9 years of marriage. im not one for new years resolutions considering i make my birthday list…but if i had to i would resolve to wear more yoga pants, continue to exercise everyday, and get to Belgium to celebrate 10 years next December. See ya never 2015.


well its hard to believe its been 9 years…also hard to believe it only been 9 years. i surprised josh with a bit of a adventure/saga/re-living the last 9 years. it was a blast. i wrote him a letter for each year, thanking him for things i might have missed in the midst of 3 kids in 3 years, giving birth to twins, and buying houses. i also loved including memories from the specific years. its wild to look back on all we have been through and accomplished in these years together. i couldn’t have asked for a better mate.


so i put “create a realistic allowance program for the kids” on my 30 before 30 list and i am proud to say…i have done this! i would say we have been doing it for about 8 weeks now and we are still going strong. i created a point based system so that we could come up with other projects around the house if they are looking to earn some extra cash. they get paid on saturday and have a piggy bank where they put 10% and a big “GIVE” jar where they put 10%. when the jar is full they will get to brainstorm together on who to give it to. here are the charts that have been great, i used pictures on lennon’s cause she cant quite read yet. cheers to having yet another thing checked off my list. my hope is that our kids grow up with a healthy out look on money and how to go about managing it. 


so after we moved in, our laundry room became the dump zone. It has stayed that way since we have been here which is going on 8 months now. so it was time! i did put it on my list, and having a saturday to do nothing but deep clean and de clutter proved to be very successful. here are some before pictures. my man ships a lot of beer, so this is where he stores boxes and packing material.

im pretty sure i got rid of 3 big bags of stuff…which always feels amazing. i put a rug down after everything was put away, and i can honestly say i look forward to going down there now. it really is the little things.