well, school is out for the summer and we have spent every day so far in the water. trying to soak up every moment of sunshine. kristy took these amazing pictures of my kiddos yesterday and i thought to myself…i should post these…on my blog…and maybe write a little! so, here goes. our house is still on the market and we haven’t had any showings for over a month! i’m starting to think it will never sell. i am off on a day long adventure tomorrow, in a convertible, with 3 amazing women, and NO KIDS! i will take tons of pictures and be sure to post about our duluth adventures. i have also been doing quite a bit of web designing for friends, and new clients. it has been fulfilling the creative itch therefore there hasn’t been much songwriting or quilting happening lately. i am hoping to finish up the summer quilt for my bed tonight, just gotta bind the bad boy….i should probably share that beaut sometime next week :) well hope you week has been great and that the weekend proves to be relaxing and or productive…whichever you may need more of. i am going to bask in the sunshine and let the wind blow through my hair all the way to duluth tomorrow starting my weekend a day early!ALL OF MY LITTLES LOOKING SWEETER THAN EVERALL OF MY LITTLES LOOKING SWEETER THAN EVERALL OF MY LITTLES LOOKING SWEETER THAN EVER


  1. Grandma says

    Such good pics of the kids. They are changing more every time is see them! Still adorable and loved so much!

  2. says

    Love the pics and you get a break on quilting after my amaze-cats quilt you created for my b-day. Next time invite me to come to Duluth. I’m lonely.

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